6 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Come bet city! ***medium-high risk***

  1. Good strategy to throw like u said every once in a while. If your going to hedge a little more on the don’t come I would wait to throw more odd until your don’t goes up.

  2. You don't lose odds on come bets during come out roll. You shorted yourself.

  3. Don't stop with Don't Pass Strategy… Pass/Don't Pass is needed to win.

  4. @ 3:04 you repeated the #4 and didn't take down the $30 Don't bet for the house.  The puck should now be off and a new come out roll starts.  Then you're suppose to place another $30 on the Don't.  So you rolled a 7 and paid yourself on the Don't but that was suppose to be another fresh $30 on the come out.  With that come out 7 you collected the $30 Don't instead of losing that bet.  You should be down $60 on the two back to back don't bets, yet you have +$60.

  5. Don't go against the flow . In roulette if red comes out 6 in a row, what is your next bet? RED!
    You had a hot shooter, Go with him ,press those place or stay with those come and pass line bets.
    I like the Don't come bet to hedge against those early sevens. Thanks for making video, I like too see all types of strategy.
    Sorry, you lost me when you started cursing. I'm sure Jesus does not care about your craps game and shouldn't be brought up unless your praying.


  6. When you have a new come bet and one of your other come bets is rolled, there is no need for you to do so much maneuvering with the chips. Just pay yourself the winnings. The movement of chips is a waste of time, since you are immediately going back on the a come bet you already have; in craps parlance, it's called "off and on". Example: The point is 6. You have a $10 come bet with $10 odds on the 9, as well as a new come bet on the come line. A 9 is rolled. You leave the come bet on the come line, as well as the come bet with odds in the 9. Just pay yourself $25 for your winnings and roll again.

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