Craps-blender explanation

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Welcome to the blender I’m going to climb the ladder I’ll go to grinders press you throw it all together in a blender the idea is to slowly step up through the DC every other throw five dollar increment while after every three throws more on the third throw your pulling down whatever you passed up on the inside

this strategy in my opinion is the best strategy for all players, and can be used at any level of play but you need a bankroll to carry if a long roll happens before the 7

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Craps-blender explanation

8 thoughts on “Craps-blender explanation

  1. Thanks Press
    Did you do a video on the latter on a 10.00 table? Is the video still up? Would like too watch that one if possible. Thanks.

  2. Definitely good to have a few strategies and then see how things are going and switch. My main problem when I do that is I switch immediately to the "wrong" strat. I never can line up a strat with a shooter so I've resigned to ride the ups/downs. Thanks for the detailed explanation on the blender. Oh btw, this blender strat is just murdered on short to medium rolls. It probably shines on long rolls so definitely only run this one on our own throws.

  3. hi 36 full press!!! I have been enjoying your channel and have looked into this and I have an idea?? let's say you have a line of random rollers ahead of you and want to do your strategy ok… what if you hedged your 25$ don't pass with a 5$ red seven?? this means you throw away 5$ starting out ok… on a 7 or 12 you will only lose 5$. the 11 you lose 30$ and would have to climb to 30 or 35$ yes. on the place bets I would fully hedge after your D.C. travels ok. this is only a suggestion!!! a 25$ D.C. on the 6 or 8 place bet 6 or the 8 for 26$. if it hits again you just won your 5$ back that you burned starting out!!! so average loss may only be 5$. there will be other rolls that you will be racking in continuous #… I would no longer place any bets till a D.C. travels starting out… let's say come out the 4 rolls ok. on the second roll I would do the same 25$ don't pass 25$ D.C. no place bets!!! let's say the 10 rolls. what's fun about this is you get to pick which # you want to bet on or go against it. so you could buy the 10 and win 24$. keep going on D.C. like your doing. and always go against 1#. if the average loss is only 5$. this should fly. I'm happy your coming out with strategies that you don't have to risk or bring $5,000 to the table to win $300 you know!!! I believe in controlled throwing a lot of people have to have experience it 2 believe it!!! yes if you could demonstrate this full hedge that would be awesome. with random rolling 2 another variant your choice?? Thanks again 36 fullpress!!! 👍

  4. Like your strategy. Have you considered not playing the DP line and thereby avoiding the 7 or 11 on the come out? Just play the don't come box and keep increasing your bet by $5 until the 7 shows. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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