Craps – Double Tap Strategy

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Testing live rolls on a strategy I liked on CEG’s Dealer School Channel. Let’s see how the dice are rolling!

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Craps – Double Tap Strategy

4 thoughts on “Craps – Double Tap Strategy

  1. Good video. I tried it on a 10$ table. Up to 25 or 30, could not get back enough before 7 out. So I tried pressing only two of the four inside numbers. Five or nine – 10, 25, 50 and down. Six and eight- 12, 30, 60. Otherwise same bet on the other two. Saves the bankroll from building up four numbers.

  2. What was the next step you were referring to? Would it be pressing or just restart the system again?

  3. Just wondering if you play with bets working on comeout since you forgot to turn the puck to ON after the 6 was made as point and turn it back off when you hit it.

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