Craps: Every Strategy is a Loser. Embrace it!

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Finally, we’ve solved craps Nope. It’s just not solvable. In fact, the more that you try, the worse you end up making it. This rant could be summed up in a single platitude – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Some days, you just feel a little salty. On a recent episode of Coffee and Craps on @CasinoGamingTV I got all riled up about people griping about strategy plays and such. This little rant (like any rant) isn’t something I’m proud of … BUT, the information in it is pretty valuable.


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Craps: Every Strategy is a Loser. Embrace it!

10 thoughts on “Craps: Every Strategy is a Loser. Embrace it!

  1. Perfect! Your rant is perfect! To the player who say, "I rarely lose." BS! They never tell you when or how much they lose. Eloquently said, John! (Always keeping it real! TY!)

  2. I fully agree there is no full time winning system, they all have holes … However … there are strategies with holes big enough to drive a Mack Truck through while there are others that only a bike would fit. This is why I've continually said … run WinCraps with a script for whatever strategy you want to try. Use a Dice Roll File that has a significant number of fixed rolls (50,000+ passes) captured from live play and then run it again using the WinCraps RNG for 50,000+ rolls. Those rolls are going to give solid numbers to look at from the Summary, Bankroll and Hands statistics screen as to how to grade a strategy. If the strategy can't keep the Net % under -2.5 it's probably not worth using. Sure there will be days most any strategy knocks it out of the park … and there will also be days it bad and you get busted up. My point is, strategies need to have the test of time. Find those that do and pick and choose one that fits your style. While the daily paycheck is interesting, it's way too short a sampling period. Needs that 50,000+ roll validation. One other thing … nothing says if you have a DP bet get whacked on a come out roll or a Lay bet gets hit on come out that you have to put it back up. Anybody that's played the game for any amount of time knows that you will see a roll in which you get an inordinate amount of repeats or the shooter opens with a series of horn and 7s before a point gets established. Why keep reloading the bet to get nailed again? Simply pull everything down, get a drink, pause a minute and wait till that shooter 7s out. Then start the strategy again with the next shooter (unless you have a huge bankroll and don't mind laddering it to the moon and you hope you don't hit table limits).

  3. There are only two ways I see to have positive EV in Craps: #1 – factoring in comp value. Craps on a cruise ship for example, it's not hard to turn $600 of expected/theoretical loss into a free cruise certificate worth $1000+. Channels like Holy Rollr and Cruisin with Mark are pretty much dedicated to this. #2 – taking advantage of bad dealers – there are certainly dealers out there who forget to take down DC bets, prop action etc. Some may consider this unethical but it's not your job to point out that your bet lost. Recently, I was playing black chips on the pass line on a black felt table, and you can guess what happened a few times. Well there's also a third but likely considered cheating/stealing, which would be intentionally not hitting the back wall. With low HE bets + doing this ~10% of the time, it could possibly be +EV

  4. Over the weekend , I bought in for $360 . I was buying the 10 for $35 every shooter . This was enough money to see 10 shooters . My strategy was one shooter was going to throw five 10s . I power pressed to get $6,000 after five 10s and down . The first hit moved me to$100 . Second hit moved me to $280 with $14 vig , collect $6 . The third hit goes to $800 . The $40 vig is in the payout . The forth hit go to $2000 with $100 vig , and collect $200 . The fifth hit pays $4,000 . Take the $2000 down with $6,000 payout . I ran this 10 times . I got to $800 , and the shooter PSO . I was out of money . Two shooters later . The shooter rolled five 10s at the right time . I should have bought in for 12 shooters . Any Recommendations?

  5. Agree re it's a losing game long term I think reason we all gamble is for the hopium of short term gains. I can also say I played bubble craps last year an had 12 sevens in row on come out roll I had to say to myself it's variense but jasus it sure felt crazy at the time so yes these things happen

  6. If you, John, have convinced yourself that craps is not beatable. Then, your future retirement plans of becoming a house player in LV should be revaluated. To achive the goal of being THAT advantage player, one must dig deeper into their bag of strategies that recognize short term trends for maximum profit and limited bankroll expose.

  7. "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." –Jim Ryun

  8. John – your analysis is correct – however your missing 2 critical factors:the shooter’s competency and the shooters #’s. Someone who shakes the dice and chucks them don’t expect 6 rolls after come out. Some who hits 4 / 5 / 9 why risk money on 6/8/10? The shooter determines the betting strategy. All videos on YouTube show only show the host stress test the strategy.

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