10 thoughts on “Craps Extreme dark side craps strategy!!

  1. I found a strategy online that I'd like you to roll out. Let me know where I can send the strategy. Thanks

  2. Lay bets you only pay a Vig on win. Buy you pay ahead so you can get true odds

  3. If you are on an even point enough in the hardware to voter the dont pass and then do the same for the 4 and 10 – This way it will help your odds

  4. When the point is 4 or 10 then you should put that $50 vig on your don't pass odds instead to avoid the $1vig pay

  5. Love this strategy – and will be implementing it against the 3 point molly in an upcoming vid. Thanks again for your great content!

  6. Pre-come out, if you lay the ten and play the don’t pass bar and then the point ends being a ten… instead of paying juice to lay the ten you should just back your odds on the don’t pass bar (saves you from paying the vig)

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