FOURTEEN Cash Game Hands! (LA Poker)

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We’ve got a proper long form poker vlog with SO MANY HANDS to watch unfold. In the mix at the Hollywood Park Casino, and we’re hopping through TEN tables of $5/$5NL Texas hold’em, and we’re hoping to be on the right side of that California variance.

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FOURTEEN Cash Game Hands! (LA Poker)

10 thoughts on “FOURTEEN Cash Game Hands! (LA Poker)

  1. Thanks for watching. And hello from Reno! Nonstop travel but will be back in Vegas for a MUG this Saturday the 26th. It’s a Halloween party—best costume wins a prize. Cards in the air for $2/$5 at noon @ South Point. 👊🏼

    Maybe you’ll win some money to put in your new Moneybands:

  2. Dead button should just stay with the current button. Strange to have the SB be the button.

  3. Didn't even realize the Button Blind/Button Freeze @6:20 was a California Only thing. Been playing 15 years in SoCal and had no idea that wasn't common practice outside of Cali

  4. 12:39 I thought 9sTs. When he bet and you called, and then he went all-in on a river which completes the most likely straight draw, they almost always have it. A terrible spot to bluff big. He is lucky you didn't have 9T but he could see 9sTs blocked. If he is going all-in with his straight, I assume he would be as confident if he hit the flush, so he is lucky.

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