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  1. Much better. So glad we moved on from the “play without losing system “
    Never had luck with it, always got buried

  2. I think I like this… but go back and check tape… I think you messed up on a couple of the bets at the eight minute mark… but I believe they worked out…Correct me if I'm wrong if you bet against the wrong number on a couple of rolls

  3. Nice 24 number play! You made a betting error at the spot where you hit the second zero. You went from $20 to $50 because your app shows the loss of both dozens when the zero hit and that was $40 then you increased to $50. The progression worked out and you recovered anyway. I like the fact that his method of choosing the dozens is pseudo random and that appeals to me since I dislike regimented bet strategies. Of course will have to test this live but this looks like a good addition to the "never lose" series of systems. Thank you Roulette Master!

  4. Not a bad system but the reality is that statistically over the long run you should win 2 out of 3 times when playing 2 dozen. So it almost does not matter what system you use to select your 2 dozens except for one. How many times in a row is one dozen hitting before it looses? I could get into a real long message just on this subject sh here is my shortest version. Each session is different depending on the croupier and no two are alike. That being said on average 3 wins in a row for a single dozen is about the most you will see on average, average being the key word here. So if you wait for a single dozen to win 2 times in a row then bet on the other two dozen how many times in a row will you lose that bet ? On average you will win within the next 3 spins. So use a progression of lets say 6 or more steps because you are betting against how many times in a row that other dozen will win. In Roulette anything can and will happen so just prepare for that and set a stop loss point. Sorry but not a fan of The Roulette masters way of picking your 2 dozen. My main gripe is the need to stick with the first and second dozen to bet on every time and the “ when to place your bets” strategy. I rather bet against how many times in a row one dozen will win rather than waiting for the 3rd 12 to not hit. When playing that one I feel like I have lost a possible win when waiting for a dozen not to hit. Its just completely opposite of what I am comfortable with. I have tested both and just my opinion, I prefer betting against a long win streak. As always all are great videos and the comment section is always a good read. 😁. Just a quick addition to this. For those who do not want to wait around for a dozen to win 2 or 3 times in a row just start by betting against against the last dozen to hit and stay where you are at till you hit then move that bet you just hit on to the empty space. No waiting but you will have a few losses so have your progression and stop loss ready. I just played that way on the same simulator used here except I use the 0-00 American table. It worked well and will be using that system tonight for real $$ with a live dealer. 👍

  5. There's one thing you missed on my strategy. If the 3 numbers are all the same dozen, bet against the last 3 columns. If a zero comes up take some free spins after the current series of bets until you have 3 numbers and then resume betting as normal. Only bet columns if all 3 numbers are in the same dozen. There is a higher probability that 3 dozens/columns won't repeat in the same order so by using this strategy we are giving ourselves a mathematical advantage to win. Good luck! Thank you Roulette Master!

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