Craps Hedge2invest 555 Strategy (Round 2)

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Craps Hedge2invest 555 Strategy

Total bankroll $555.00
1) Bet 270 chips on Don’t pass line
2) Hedge the point with equivalent chips
3) if 4/10 is point then buy the 4 or 10 (point) for 135 and invest the remainder of your chips on other place bets
4) if 5/9 is point then place the 5 or 9 (point) for 200 chips and invest the remainder of your chips on other place bets
5) if 6/8 is point the place 240 chips on 6 or 8 (Point) and invest the remainder on other place bets
6) Surplus all profits till goal is reached
7) pay off any deficit using surplus chips
8) Start session over when point is rolled or Seven out.

* Don’t pass line bet is only at risk during come out roll and will lose if Seven or Eleven is rolled but will win 1-1 (even money) if Two or Three is rolled

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Craps Hedge2invest 555 Strategy (Round 2)

4 thoughts on “Craps Hedge2invest 555 Strategy (Round 2)

  1. Hey Google what do you do when two 7s or 11s are rolled on the come out roll from the get go? Oh yeah you lose your entire bankroll. Sorry Vince but this is a sure fire go broke strategy. Your Ultimate 66 is much better than this one!!

  2. Is there a way to do this same scenario with about a half the bankroll of $555.00 like around $275.00?

  3. If the point is a 4 or 10, would it not cost $7 to buy it rather than $5?

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