5 thoughts on “Craps! MORE 678 concepts and strategy!

  1. I have been working on this strategy for a while. Please try adding a $10 Field and show how it rolls out. You are putting $70 at risk vs $60, assuming that you are placing the 6 & 8. From what I have found from my roll outs, the Field pickups far out weigh the losses for playing it.

    Also, would love to setup a vitrual craps session with you to work out my strats before my cruise on Nov 21st.

  2. hi Jacob I like this style of play having the sevens on your side is always good. just thinking what if you place the point and another number or numbers as you win? so if the point hits you only lose five $35 – 100 does that make any sense?

  3. Glad you're back! You make it essy to understand. I give you props and credit for my play and wins all the time! Nice you show losses. You and I are some of the YT channels that show it like it is!

  4. Big fan of strategies like this where you make the 7 a winner. Considering how many times your point number got knocked off and how often the 7 hit early, it's amazing how you're only down $75 with all that action.

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