Craps Place Bets Strategy

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Craps Place Bets Strategy is part of the Dice Advice series here on Color Up. This conservative craps strategy utilizing place bets is a good way to recoup your money, and press your profits for large wins. Once a point is set, you place $27 across bet excluding the point number. If the point is 6 or 8, you would also place the point number and decide to not place bet either the 5 or 9. On the first two hits, you would take the winnings and pull the hit number down. With two hits you will have recouped your $27 depending on the numbers hit within a dollar or two. The next step would be to cover all the numbers with minimum place bets on each additional hit. The goal is to get $32 across and then you will begin a process of collecting and pressing any additional wins. This craps place bets strategy was submitted by Lance. 

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Craps Place Bets Strategy

10 thoughts on “Craps Place Bets Strategy

  1. How do we feel about a variation of having $25 on don't pass and then pull the don't pass down after 27 is recouped? Just to hedge against a point-7 situation?

  2. I agree. Longer rolls. Videos with 20+ minute rolls is a good length. Allows warm table to go cold or vice versa.

  3. The point of craps is to not grind the table. Once you recoop your money its full press to table max . Collecting change along the way . I hate fleas hedging and bringing bets down . Oh and when u place your bets across turn them on on the come out the dice dont know the difference and it only makes sense.

  4. This is very close to how I play. Stay away from the Pass/Don't Pass! When I roll I bet both pass/don't to negate the wager. Stick and Move, Nickel and Dime!

  5. I played this today at my local casino. $15 min so it was a real throat lumper but I ended up playing for 3 hours on a $500 buy in. Ended up $300. I was happy. Thank you

  6. I can see myself trying this one. Plenty of room for personal preference in the press. Another great video, keep up the good work!

  7. I got something for you for when I get up board state. I'll put a dollar on the hardways all day $4 bet and every time a place number hits including the five and nine I keep adding four and whatever falls falls and just keep putting $4 a dollar on all the hard ways and see what happens. I've only been playing craps for two months and I've added this to my strategy near the end and I've only done it about four times I call it the hard way surprise

  8. I like this but to keep it simpler I'd only press the 6 and 8 three times, collect on all other numbers regardless, after getting my 27 back

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