10 thoughts on “Craps! ProCraps and 555 Craps “Hedgeless Horseman” my take on the Strategy..

  1. Thanks Jacob. I like the No 4 with a martingale but I really like this strat with the hops as for some reason I do not care for the Come bets for the sole reason that I lose control of them. I have a friend that only does the continuous Come with odds. When he wins he does well but when he loses he craters big too. I like the more conservative approach with a 20% win goal and walk. What if anything would you add the the Lay 4 w/martingale that would still be conservative but help reach 20% quicker?

  2. Excellent insight and much food for thought, thanks. 555 & Pro Craps are right on target, when using the Base for variation and table reads. Skill & Luck also suggested the 6&8 after the Come-out, but I am looking at Placing the uncovered Inside 4 Box numbers (eventually the 4 & 10). Having some early success using enough Lay on the DP to power the seven. If the 7 is early, the Come bets help, they're doing their job. Problem is when 3 Comes are now contract bets, puts all the pressure on DP + odds (we don't have Hop bets). Good thing is if Place/Come wins continue, it's off to the races. Come bets convert to Place bets and you're getting a good look at this shooter. This puzzling out is exactly why I love Craps.

  3. Not my favorite strategy but I see where you could win a little with the mods you provided! Great video as always

  4. Yes this as a base strategy is to wait and see how the table is going. I like your viewpoint and analysis by pointing out increasing the probability of wins while also having coverage with the DP and come bet.

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