3 thoughts on “tightpoker.com – 50nl ($0.25-$0.50) No Limit Hold’em Full Ring Strategy – Part 2/2

  1. I don't understand why you want him to bet bigger…you even say "you want them out of the pot." Why? If they have worse pairs they are drawing almost totally dead. We WANT them staying in the pot. Desperately so. Big mashing pot bets can break the "donkey spell" that causes fish to mindlessly call down with mediocre hands, and with the 1/2 pots you still get all your chips in on the river with no problem. I would bet $16 or so on the turn but otherwise it was played perfectly imo.

  2. this is terrible this is why people dont win at poker. All this leading out on the flop stuff is retarded. Especially donk betting with a set. Its in doyles book. Its not how he really plays that book was made for people that are 400 bbs deep not 100 bb poker. Back then they played very deep but that wasn't put in his book. So everyone playing poker who is not a winning or break even player leads way to many flops and have no real idea of how to win 100 bb poker.

  3. @fliptthescript can you clarify this for me what you mean with leading out on the flop stuff? and "leads way to many flops?

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