Craps Prop Bet Strategy | Hi Lo Craps Bet

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Craps Prop Bet Strategy | Hi Lo Craps Bet is a fun carnival or side bet in the game of craps. While a high house edge bet, this can be fun with some extra dollars and may pay off big if the dice roll just right. This bet utilizes the twelve (Hi) and the two (lo)

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Craps Prop Bet Strategy | Hi Lo Craps Bet

10 thoughts on “Craps Prop Bet Strategy | Hi Lo Craps Bet

  1. Do a 30 roll hilo challenge with a 400 br. Place 10 on the dp and 5 on hi and 5 on lo every roll. if you hit, press hilo one unit to keep total rolls at 30. Go for 3 or more hits for profits. Math dictates you average 2 hits every 36 rolls. This is actually what a true test for dice control should be. Its not about avoiding 7 or rolling long, its about consistently hitting more paying numbers than random math dictates. A skilled shooter using for example a 62/62 set should average 3-4 hits consistently in 30 rolls to be a long term profitable player.

  2. How about this. Crazy Come Out and Superstitious. Because I've seen a lot of world numbers and red rolled a lot on the come out or stick change. And they pay high odds which I like. There is a chance to win on nine numbers

    On the come out or stick change, hop $10 on each red, $10 on the world and $10 pass. $50 at risk .

    So hoping the come out or stick change may roll a world or a red.

    If a red comes out you win your red hop bet for $150, world for $10 and line bet even for $10 netting $170..

    Hit on a world number, the red and the line and net $170.. Do it again and hope for back to back. And repeat. Maybe press half your flat bet each time. And maybe lay points. I like 10 and 4 but they're not hedged well.

    When a point comes up you lose the world and the red bets but take odds for s&g's and keep the casino happy.

  3. Was wondering where do you get your chip rack? I’ve seen this black one and a wooden one, both look great!

  4. Some casinos let you bet hi-lo as a 15 to 1 bet like a yo. It's better edge (11.11%) than betting each of 2 and 12 (13.89%) because even if you win on 2 or 12 you lose the other one, whereas hitting a 15 to 1 hi-lo you keep your whole original bet. I called a $5 hi-lo one time and they said I had to split it. I told them I wanted 15 to 1. They no-bet me and sure enough next roll is aces.

  5. This is my favorite bet $12 on 6 and 8 and $10 on 5. $10 high-low 10 in the field. MONEY MONEY alll

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