5 live poker tips in 11 mins! Win at live 1/2 poker with these tips! Detroit Poker Vlog #75

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5 live poker tips in this video! These will help you win more money at live 1/2 poker cash games (and lose less).

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00:00 5 Live Poker Tips
00:28 Poker Tells?
02:35 Bluffing?
04:38 Limping
06:26 Favorite Hands?
08:39 Emotions & Tilt
10:47 Wrap-up

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5 live poker tips in 11 mins! Win at live 1/2 poker with these tips! Detroit Poker Vlog #75

10 thoughts on “5 live poker tips in 11 mins! Win at live 1/2 poker with these tips! Detroit Poker Vlog #75

  1. Link to my book – "The Poker Mind"


    Affiliate link to "The Mental Game of Poker"

    Affiliate link to "The Mental Game of Poker 2"

  2. When someone tells me that they watch your channel I stay clear of them but if they tell me they watch the big vloggers I want action! Thanks for the continuous education

  3. Hey, I play in Detroit as well. I usually play the 1-2 at either MGM or Motor City. I have just been getting absolutely CRUSHED lately and about 2 years prior to the Covid shutdown. The bad part is I don't really know why I keep losing. Yesterday, I doubled up early on AA vs KK. But after that, I just slowly bled out. I re-bought and that bled out too. I mention this because this happens to me a LOT. I would say I'm up a decent amount in 85% of my sessions at some point. But after that I just…slowly bleed out.

    Either I just slowly keep losing money on blinds and good limps (hands like KQo or small pocket pairs in middle or late position, etc). Or I raise pre-flop and get a couple of callers and completely airball the flop and have to shut it down after my c-bet gets raised. And I have no idea how to solve these problems other than just get up and leave an hour into my session when I'm up $120 or so and I didn't come all the way downtown just to play an hour! I don't play trash either (unless I'm in the BB and it checks around to see a flop).

    I'm at the point now where I feel like my game has just devolved to "either make my hand or fold". It's a personal goal of mine to become a consistently winning 1/2 player. Have you encountered these problems before and have any idea how to solve them? I really like your approach and the fact that you play in the area and know these exact games is great. Thanks!

  4. I have been playing poker for 18yrs now, seriously for the past 3yrs, and it is always great to be reminded of these basic but invaluable pieces of information. I am now a new subscriber.

  5. wtf bro? make up your mind…

    @1:50 you say "poker tells dont mean anything" and then @1:54 you say, "you should be…watching how your opponents act after the flop…"

    THAT'S exactly what poker tells are! Did your opponent frown, look at their chips, shuffle in their seat…? Did they bet left handed after betting with their right hand for the first 12 times? Did they spin the chips in, helicopter style, or slide them in, all in a stack? KNOWING you opponent(s) can only come through watching their actions.

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