Eddie’s Craps strategy

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In this video I modify my friend Eddie’s strategy to help him improve his game.

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Eddie’s Craps strategy

10 thoughts on “Eddie’s Craps strategy

  1. eddie worrying about ''looks and stares''………….am sure 555 doesn't ………..g……….ddp1

  2. That was fun to watch. 100% agree somehow have to make the 7 a winner in whatever you do. Next video you need to share the cat history…. I have 3 rescues, 2 brothers and a stray.

  3. what I really disapprove of is guys like you that have no clue…..schooling new bes

  4. Thanks Greg, I totally understand Eddie as I was previously a light side only player until the pandemic drove me away from the casino and put me in front of Youtube. After watching so many Craps channels, I started to understand that if you did not play with 7 as your friend, you needed either good luck, or exceptional table reading skills to avoid consistent losses. This strategy has combined the light and the dark into a hybrid strategy that provides the ability to have cover, but still cash in on a good roll. As always, I am enjoying the content. Cheers. Rob

  5. at 730 you didn't pay 14 for hitting the 9. Looks like it worked out well…..betting lightly so the bankroll doesn't disappear with a moderate size DC for protection. Lots of different directions to go to, spot betting field, hardways or horn. You rolled a lot of Field #s.

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