LATE STAGE STRATEGY In the Money! 6-Max Online Poker Tournament

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We made it to the late stages in a recent 6 Max WSOP Online Poker Tournament Circuit Event and now is when the decisions matter most. This is the final of 3 parts to this series review. The full stream is available here:

0:00 Intro
0:26 Suited Connectors
2:55 Misclick
3:10 Blind vs Blind and Max Value
5:30 Big Blind Defense
6:45 Finding a Fold
9:18 When to Give Up
10:23 Stealing
11:05 Going All In
13:30 Big Blind Defense
15:10 Getting Greedy
17:05 Limp Jam
18:15 Ace King Suited
18:50 Bluff
19:45 Another Bluff
20:57 Calling another All In
21:25 All in with Deuces

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LATE STAGE STRATEGY In the Money! 6-Max Online Poker Tournament

10 thoughts on “LATE STAGE STRATEGY In the Money! 6-Max Online Poker Tournament

  1. Was this pocket 2s jam correct Dnegs? I would’ve limped because don’t want to be in a coin flip or crushed scenario . I’d want to put myself in better spots .

    That’s just me tho , like I wouldn’t want to grind for hours almost at final table and then jam 22 with 21 BBS. I agree if it was like 10-12 BB I’d jam but 21 ?

  2. About new content…….
    The best you ever posted was the footage of you in that Czech, I think it was, hotel. You got to know a lot of people, went outside to shops, showed the game, talked about things. Viewers were really involved, that was amazing. If you could do that again would be great.

  3. It has become clear to me now that the top echelon of professional poker players just get better draws than anyone else xD

  4. Did he play this live?
    How he know that some of his opponents dont watch his card when he go live?

  5. The way DNegs played, tournament poker is once again shown to be not skill, but pure luck.

  6. why bet so small in the river? what are you losing to? how many 9X do you have in your range after checking flop, betting turn, and leading out in river? when he calls on the turn I think he has at least a T. I’d bet bigger a little bigger on the river. You have the virtual nuts.

  7. Can you do a segment where u are heads up and hold a 97-3 chip lead and love it all away
    Many thanks 😊

  8. Watched your live streams. You know your bad but you slip into the gamblers mentality which puts you out of the tourneys you’ve been grinding while in Mexico.

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