Craps strategy. $$300$$ per day!!!

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Craps strategy.  $$300$$ per day!!!

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy. $$300$$ per day!!!

  1. As a follow up to my last comment below about having the ATS to fill the time between sevens. I just now finished my last training session with a 33 roll monster (incredibly painful to roll that many with an empty board, but I was following the strategy!). I hit 4 points, two sevens on the come out AND, wait for it, the FULL ATS. I netted over $1400 in that one session. I was playing $320.00 across and was setting the dice (3/6 3/2 throwing with the spider grip and minimal spin). In all honesty, I was trying this strategy for a couple of days now and had mixed results, especially on the random roller parts of it, up and down up and down, at the end of the two days just before the monster roll I was only up $185.00. I LOST a lot of money, LOL, but even with that, up $185.00 after two days is not too bad, then the monster hit and now I am up $1600 odd, ONLY because of the $15.00 I always put on the ATS. Just some food for thought.

  2. I LOVE this high roller strategy and have done a similar one before. The hardest part is walking away after just two hits. Greed always hits and I end up blowing through the wins and eventually losing my entire bankroll!

  3. Jacob this was probably the best craps video you ever made. Not sure why you would do anything else at a craps table. I've been doing this for years but at a much lower amount and I only look for 2 hits and I really don't care who is shooting. I hope you actually practice this method yourself. Keep up the good work.

  4. What do you think about taking down each number after they hit instead of just two hits and then off? That way you won’t miss out on a few more hits.

  5. Jacob i love this. Right now where I play the plexiglass is still up and I haven't seen any monster rolls in a long time. For me it would be the nerve to keep going bigger as usually I by in for 500. I think I will try this week stay tuned 😊😊

  6. STUPID – any strategy based on getting out when you're ahead is doomed. So you make your money quickly, get out for the day. Why would the odds be worse at the time you get out, and then be good again tomorrow? People continue to believe that since it's possible to win in the short run, they'll just play for the short run every day. Guess what? Many short runs add up to the long run.

  7. Maybe after the plexiglass comes down I'll do half….lol. Just can't get comfortable shooting right now. I'm doing pretty well using some of the other toolbox strategies. One of these days though, I'm going to feel really good at a table and go for it!!

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