Zynga Poker Tips and Tricks #1

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Zynga Poker Tips and Tricks #1

10 thoughts on “Zynga Poker Tips and Tricks #1

  1. These guys are nothing but textbook and run good. My luck runs this good on occasion, best to play safe in the majority of situations. Where these guys try to extract max value in every spot they have the advantage is not always the best idea. Although it's never a bad idea to want the max value, most of the time it's best to min raise or bet double the blinds / bet in relation to the pot on the river. A lot of times in poker you want to fly under the radar so you're not public enemy #1. Reminder, it takes a lot of luck / things to happen in a real tournament for someone to win. Zynga is just a way to sharpen your tool when you're not in the action and a good way to test your hand reading, player reading and folding skills.

  2. Zynga poker is the most faul game of poker. Totally disgusting. Waste of time. All are Cheaters

  3. Fair gameplay has always been a concern for me, as on many occasions I've felt that zynga decides the winner at river for the favorite player or player with phishing account which zynga planted to take people's chips to force players buy chips.

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  5. Who are these two dozy little cunts? They are obviously on the payroll of that little badbag Mark ZuggerBugger of Facebook who owns Zynga Poker and who's sole intention is to financially loveover anyone and everyone he comes into contact with.

    Need I say more ???

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