10 thoughts on “Edge-Less Positive Progressive Craps

  1. What's up arch !!!!! It must be Christmas with a craps video upload. I've been a long time lurker of wizard both the forum and the website for many years now. You can't argue with the math and if I have the bankroll of course I will max the odds. I like to have a come bet working so I will max that as well Usually. The system is nice in the sense that you are pressing with "casino money" rather than martingale but I hate hitting a point with no odds on the first roll it feels like you are cheating yourself!!! Anyway much thanks for the videos great job as always can't wait for the next one

  2. Love the vids man! Keep them coming. This might be effective but man is it a snooze fest. 🙂

  3. At a real table you would have stood there for an hour. Some of those rolls could have made you a couple hundred, in short order.

  4. Your exercise shows the low house edge. I suspect, though, that the house exceeds its edge in reality. If their annual revenue on the craps tables is compared to what players place, money disappears a lot faster than a 1.5% house edge would suggest. This is probably because players leave if on a losing streak, so they miss the opportunity to recover. And players stay when they’re winning, giving ample opportunity for the casino to take the money back.

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  6. Horrible style. You are wasting good rolls. Why not do pass don’t pass and take low % odds only lose on 12 come out 1/35 chance

  7. Hi Arch,

    I have been testing a craps strategy in simulation (it does seem to work over time – but it can be a bit boring) but I'd like to modify your craps spreadsheet to try it out further. I don't have drop box, do you have an email address I can email? If not I can set up a disposable email address and you can email me.


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