Craps Strategy – Random Roll vs. NEW Dice Control THROW

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Craps Strategy – Random Roll vs. NEW Dice Control THROW, Ok gang we’re back again with a random Roll vs A New Dice Control THROW. We will be doing more of these comparison videos.
CK Dangerous Arm Craps

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Craps Strategy – Random Roll vs. NEW Dice Control THROW

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Random Roll vs. NEW Dice Control THROW

  1. Hey welcome back gang!
    In this video we are showing dice control vs. random. Very interesting results indeed, we Will be doing more videos like this so e all can see how the random falls apart..
    Well heck it never was together to fall apart lol.
    Yea but it's good to see the comparison not just one video but e will need many to really see a good result from many rolls.

    Now this new roll we are using is very nice! This is a nice throw from the back.

    Thanks for viewing guys
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. Ck, I believe the actual thow makes the difference in results desired, most ramdom throwers are not technical in the way they throw, there are many things in the total package of throwing the dice, height, rotation, location, orientation of the dice concerning table surface/wall, grip, throw/stroke, grip ect. Your comparison if flawed in that you are a pro throwing ramdom, just like a pro motorcycle rider can beat most anyone while riding on a stock bike, throw ramdom like they do at a real casino bro. Respectfully submitted, jr, may I also say I think the only way you could yhrow a random throw would be with a pair of plyers, LOL

  3. im diggin the camera angle…now we can see the landing zone and action on the dice….nice

  4. I just watched a video from bone thrower where he is using a flip throw. Pretty interesting, worked pretty good for me anyways I think it's something you might want to visit and see how it does for you

  5. Plz guys, lets remember to keep our friend on the island in prayer, these folks are in trouble and hurting bcuz of the volcanic issues they are experiencing. I am sure there is a place where donations can be made, but at least keep them in prayer.

  6. One thing about probability. The odds of an honest pass or don't pass, is way lower than machines! Yeah some of the proposition bets, are a bad house advantage, comparable to machines. It's no secret that most casinos make their entire overhead on machines. Yes I've played machines, and will do it again. But if you can convert people to even random craps play, they'll do better.

  7. Craziest stuff I seen, is this old guy, that comes to Snoqualmie. His premier grip is so good, he doesn't need to set the dice. Never sevens out. I think you been controlling so long, you need to throw from a cup, to get a completely random roll.

  8. Random hitting the ATS. Love that random on this throw. Woulda got paid for sure!
    Thanks Sensei CK.

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