10 thoughts on “22 – quad mine – 2/3 NLH – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #badbeat #pokertips #pokergo #aa

  1. I don’t see many comments on you videos but I just want to say I love your content. Keep up the work and good luck on improving your game you’re killing it my guy

  2. Calling 3bets with baby pairs is a losing play overall, especially with the small sizing indicating a big pair that probably isnt folding if you turn your missed setmine into a bluff on the turn or river. Its fortunate you spiked both of your outs here but variance will catch up to you if you continue this way, the wrong play still often wins in poker

  3. First of all, deuces is an insta fold from utg1
    Second of all the reraise on the flop is bad cause u just make him fold his bluffs

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