5 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – 5/4 2/1 Single Finger First Finger Grip n Throw| Angled

  1. Ok sorry was busy and didn't have the time for a description.
    This throw is tremendous, once you get the correct form down.
    A very solid winner gang.

    Remember gang you don't have to have long rolls to make money at craps and make good money at craps.
    Controlling The greed is the key.
    Thanks for viewing guys
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. C K thanks for another tool,Wife and I going to spend Thursday night at casino, i hoping to try out some of my tools in my bag ,main thing is going to be discipline at the dice table,you have been a good coach to me thanks

  3. CK, I like your throws! I don't understand your system for placing chips near the numbers you throw. If it's a hard way it looks like you place two chips at the number. Can you go over your system for keeping track of your throws in a future video? If I kept a list of all your grips and dice sets I would need a big tablet. That would be funny if I was shooting at the casino and asked for a minute to decide which throw I was going to change over to. Can you imagine the look on the dealers faces? I have to remember to tip them well along the way to get them on my side. Keep up the hard work brother!
    Good luck with the move. See you soon.

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