9 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy- A Wide Spread Common Mistake

  1. Alright gang we are back.
    I thought this cam angle would catch the release, I do apologize.im trying really hard to catch that part of the throw .
    Using the Premier Grip Twisted, and we are moving are throw around the table as well..

    Don't overlook this message about the release with the premier Grip.
    This fundamental error is costing money in the long run..
    So def. Take this message in and make sure that your hand is not opening up on the release.
    And keep this fingers tight also.
    Thanks for viewing guys
    Keep Rolling and Winning
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. Appreciate the comment keeping the fingers together on premiere throw.. This will help.

  3. CK thanks for the video,you up late tonight,you sure fine that sweet spot when you throw.

  4. I think I might have been making that mistake lately… Thanks for this.

  5. There is a casino here – Pays 7 to 1 for 3 point fire 30 to 1 for 4 point but only 300 to 1 for 6 points forget what 5 point pays BUT you are allowed to bet $25

  6. THANK YOU for discussing hand opening when you release the dice sometime I focus on The Sweet Spot I overlooked my hands.

  7. You want to know what the most common mistake really is? Actually believing you have ANY influence on the outcome

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