10 thoughts on “Skills and knowledge of a Craps Dealer

  1. jimsmoments, It's 17:1 against an easy number rolling and the payout is 16 for 1 or 15 to 1, (depending on the language on the layout) in Las Vegas casinos. Are you SURE you know anything about this game??

  2. dude there is no way you teach craps. unless you teach how to pay with the outside hand. you don't even know the chance of throwing an easy number true odds is 18-1. Either you have no idea there is 36 combinations on the dice or you can't do 2 ways into 36 is 18. whcih if you can't do that math theres no way you can properly deal or teach craps.

  3. eons ago, after dice school, i auditioned at the El Cortez and landed a job there, 10 – 6pm. hated it. lasted a month & abruptly quit after getting hollered at for a mistake i made. being a player is tremendously better. no regrets.

  4. I am interested in what you could provide for me when it comes to dealing table games. The only game that I don’t have a problem with dealing is Blackjack. I am starting dealer school in March so I have been trying to learn the basics since I’m going to get schooled on carnival games too

  5. It seems like many of the craps crews at the casinos I play are very negative towards the players and very defensive towards the good shooters. Does the casino offer the craps crew monetary incentives to defeat the good players?

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