10 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Anything bit 10, with random shooters.

  1. Thanks Jacob, I like the concept of this strategy, but unless you have a big enough bankroll to ride out any bad runs of 10’s, it can all too easily result in disaster. I definitely like the idea of regressing after 3 to 5 hits and playing light side with the winnings, but I would only play with half the winnings and half press to lock in some profit. I still definitely prefer your $100 lay with $24 six and eight. Please keep up the great content, maybe as you said use a different strategy for randoms and work on mastering your own “no ten” shooting. Cheers

  2. I honestly think a different strategy is needed if you can't reduce the occurance of the 4 or 10. If you can control this with your own shooting (and thats a big IF), then it's great to have the lay cover and seven as a profit number. Scale up according to your bankroll and make a living.

    However on random shooters, you're going to lose $300 every 12 rolls and $900 every 36 rolls on average. That's ok if the return is big enough, but you need to make an average of $27 every other roll (33) just to break even, not including vig.

    If you happen to get a run of 4s or 10s which is very probable, it will be hard to recover, especially with flat betting an iron cross and limiting to 5 hits.

  3. Certainly enjoy your videos. Would appreciate it if you say the amount for each number. Find my self having to count clicks to determine if it's 10 or 15 or 20. Thanks, keep up the good work.

  4. Just curious, if you are playing a random shooter is it still beneficial to play the pass line?

  5. Please, please, please stop with the "just rolled an X so I am not worried about it rolling again" Every roll is unique and is only governed by probability. You are taking unnecessary risk based on flawed thinking, wrap your head around that reality please.

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