Craps strategy – Chasing the Lays (Dark Side)

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Craps Strategy – Chasing the Lays

On this video, I’m going to test a dark side strategy where I try to get 2 Lay bets placed after establishing the point.

In the middle of this video, I lost 4 come-outs in a row (7-7-11-7). Can I recover? Watch and find out…


Disclaimer: No results are implied or guaranteed. Most Craps players lose money over time. That’s the way it works. This video is for information and entertainment only. Playing Craps or any gambling carries an inherent risk of loss. Never play Craps with money you cannot afford to lose. Please seek help if you feel you have a gambling problem.

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Craps strategy – Chasing the Lays (Dark Side)

1 thought on “Craps strategy – Chasing the Lays (Dark Side)

  1. Yeah those don't bets really get hammered on the come-out which is why lay bets avoid all that and win on every one of those comeout 7's.

    Maybe turn it around and think about using an initial lay bet and follow up with some DC bets. That way you have the seven covered only number that hurts you in the come-out is the yo or the lay number.

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