INSANE Poker Soul Read with Jack High!! ($1k NL Hold ‘em #poker Highlight)

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Let’s watch a pro make an insane poker read in this poker highlight from a recent $1k holdem online poker live stream. Listen to the ACCURACY!

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Sometimes a poker read is just on POINT, this was one of those times.

There’s definitely something to be learned here when it comes to poker strategy, understanding poker ranges, and committing yourself to a read you believe to be accurate.

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INSANE Poker Soul Read with Jack High!! ($1k NL Hold ‘em #poker Highlight)

10 thoughts on “INSANE Poker Soul Read with Jack High!! ($1k NL Hold ‘em #poker Highlight)

  1. Why not merge and bet anyway? Will lose to back door draws with higher high card. Yes his hand is draws or trips+. But would suck to kx hearts or qx hearts that gave up?

  2. I defo see the logic, but he is never turning his hand into a bluff catcher on the river. He us checking to give up like 99% the time. He never has trips+ here. Ive genuinely love to hear thoughts back

  3. I love this,
    My most memorial once in a life time all in call on the river was with 10 high and a busted flush draw at The Game in Portland when I put my opponent On 78 and a busted straight draw.
    Don’t think I’ll ever be that in tune again. Love this video Phil, keep it up

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