How To CRUSH Passive Poker Players!

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Learning how to crush passive poker players will help increase your win rate drastically at the poker tables. It’s time to take control of the game and exploit their passive playing style by hitting them with controlled aggression! Learn how in this live poker webinar from Jonathan Little.

Whether you’re a beginner poker player or a professional poker player, this live video is packed with valuable insights and poker strategies that will help you CRUSH passive players at the tables.

Watch along as Jonathan Little guides you through various poker hands, illustrating how to recognize and exploit common passive player traits. Discover the power of aggression, learn how to get calls from losing hands, and also force your passive opponents into folding winning hands!

This live poker video will help you turn your opponents’ passive poker play into pure profit for you. Learn this key poker strategy right here, right now, and start dominating the poker tables today!

In order to take your poker game to the next level it is vitally important you learn all the nuances of the game.

Do you know what ranges of poker hands you should be playing from each position? When should you 3-bet, call or fold? When is the right time to make a hero call or a huge bluff? Do you know how to play preflop, flop, turn & river effectively and how should your poker strategy change depending on the street? What difference does it make if you are playing multi-way vs heads-up?

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How To CRUSH Passive Poker Players!

6 thoughts on “How To CRUSH Passive Poker Players!

  1. I crush as long as its 6handed or less. As soon as the critical mass is reached and 4 see the flop, it becomes a wait for value grind – or does it?

  2. Going to play 80hrs a week for 52 weeks?! Folks, there’s a better way to make money!

  3. Jonathan youre kicking ass big time, man. we appreciate what you do a lot. Dont ever forget it

  4. I think many people won't realize how much of a golden nugget this one was… the thought process behind some betting decisions.. awesome. as always, thank you.

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