Craps Strategy For TERO

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Craps Strategy For TERO

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy For TERO

  1. Well one thing for sure, if Jacob's point is 5, reduce/remove the Don't. A power press tower on 5 would be a winning strategy for you sir; you sure hit a lot of them.

  2. Question. Around 7:40 mark, you placed bet on don’t come bar, then rolled a six, which you said you would ‘deny’. How does that work, does it come down, are you waiting for different number. 2nd question, if I may, if you don’t bet pass line before point is established and place bet after, it goes on line. Can you place a don’t bet after a point is established, for the point number

  3. This strategy will not work if you have a hot shooter but if the table is cold 🥶 it might work

  4. Hey Wagermethis how can I contact you i would like to run a strategy off of you

  5. This was a Comical Session. Need more Scotch…good thing it's just practice.

  6. “We couldn’t get to 2 hits on 3 shooters in a row” … This goes to what I said last week about the 28% of shots being a PSO and 80% being 4 or less after the come out. The 7 is a bitch.

    I think that playing with the on/off button is a recipe for failure as you’re literally playing into the gamblers fallacy that you debunked last week.

    You can play this from the Don’t, carry a direct just until you get even, or employ a 3-5 count before you go out.

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