7 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy – Game Changers | CRAPS Hacking THROW

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    This is a Game Changing Roll gang.
    I can't say enough about this throw other than really think about whts happening with the dice on this roll.
    Like I said gang Game Changing Life Changing Roll….
    I hope your efforts in practice get you dialed in to this throw.. Trust me this is a heavy Weight type throw.
    Thanks again to the Dangerous Arm core group. Get this Roll down and you will be filling your pockets up quite nicely.
    Thanks for viewing gang
    CK Dangerous Arm

  2. This is the mark of an artist, never satified with any thing short of perfection, attention to extreme detail, your boss ck. Thank God for freedom friends, its like life, very precious

  3. Another nice dice set. I shoot left handed from stick 1 left or right if the position is open so practicing several dice sets and throws. I also need to re-do my craps table so I have a bouncy and a hard side table like BT but I have noticed mostly bouncy tables where I go. You say you like this throw hitting close to the rubber within 2" do you notice 7 outs more when you hit the rubber first or around the Pass line area? Also since I shoot left handed from stick L1 the dice are rotated the opposite direction. Going to try it and see what happens.

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