Craps Dice Control Ep.146 “DoubleGrip”

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Dangerous Arm is practicing showing a 6/8 Hop Betting.

Shooting from the L1 position with a Double Grip in medium traffic similar to casino conditions when there are people at the craps table.
A nice practice roll of 18(R)


We want our viewers to have a cool win rate of 80 to 90%. Which is very attainable with DICE CONTROL and Discipline ( not being or getting greedy )

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Dangerous Arm Craps Killer/ Casino killer ( CK )

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Craps Dice Control      Ep.146                  “DoubleGrip”

4 thoughts on “Craps Dice Control Ep.146 “DoubleGrip”

  1. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ using two different grips here. Super Grip and my under the radar throw.
    Hard for a casino to pick up on this set/grip and throw.
    18 rolls just stopped no 7.
    We moved the camera for a view of the Under The Radar set,grip and throw.
    Hope you guys enjoy,
    keep rollin
    Dangerous πŸ’ͺ CK

  2. I like the super grip from end of table rolled 4 30+ rolls this week at casino using all 7 set also stick right 1 or 2 using yuri grip rolled a lot of hard ways with 20+ throws each time I had the dice

  3. New to dice control love what you are doing my man. Could you do a video on your dice sets. Like an up close review of them. Cause when you say the number i dont really understand. Thanks brother

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