10 thoughts on “Craps! Strategy I saw at the Casino. Interesting 6 and 8 play!

  1. Jacob thanks for another video. If one pays close attention to what individuals are tossing, you could adjust this quickly to match what the player tosses. Many players have natural tendencies to roll certain numbers often, so don't be fixed on any one particular set of box numbers. Paying attention is the cheapest thing you can do in a casino.

  2. About a month ago, @East and I watch a guy switch between hopping the 6 & 8 and he seemed to hit more than he lost. We were so surprised. He had parlayed to cover the 6 & 8 at the same time, he had worked up to $25 on each a couple times. It was crazy.

  3. Lurking through the casinos. On the prowl, hunting for interesting strategies. Bagging and taking home the information to the dice table where we all share in the meat of the strategy. Keep on hunting. ( also-love the football stuff)

  4. What did the dealer think of this strategy? I feel like they probably didnt appreciate it when dealing with all the other players bets.

  5. It would be easier and less costly to forgo the 4/5/9/10 place bets. All the bets placed in this system are either bad or terrible

  6. You were removing the HARDWAYS, they stay unless that number is rolled or 7 out. Which I know you know lol.

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