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  1. As always, real, concise, trust worthy advise, brother, another reason why I have crazy respect for the best.

  2. Thanks CK. I also use a very conservative betting strategy when dealing with random rollers. I see too often people lose by never taking profits, press, press, press. and then 7 out. The comments are always the same…awww all I needed was 1 more!!!

  3. Hey CK! Great video as always. I don’t like playing on crowded tables, but I have to travel 4 hours to a casino that has dice. So I am going to bet on random shooters. I don’t like it but what the hell, right? On a 5 dollar table I go up on 6&8 $12 each. 1 hit and I spread out to 22 inside and hope for the best. $22 in action for $8. On the other side of that coin, I have seen 10 shooters go 3 and out and cost me big time. And, those same 10 shooters bitch because I only make it 10 throws or so….go figure. Thanks for all you do for us.

    10 Throws

  4. Like this throw. The dice land and roll together to a stop. For betting on random shooters witha low risk strategy before your turn comes on a busy table would be uneven passline/don't pass bet (i.e. $11 on the passline and $10 on the don' pass). A 12 will lose you $10 but that doesn't come so often. When you win on the passline bet with a seven or yo, go to an even passline / don't pass bet and use the $2 to bet on the C&E or the Hard 6 and 8 and see where that takes you – Most you can lose is often $10 bucks but can win a couple of bucks prior to your turn without jeopardizing your bankroll.

  5. Ok ck i wanna make a living at craps lay 4-1632 place hard 4 -234,buy 5-120,6-100,8-100,9-120,10-100 only way to lose is easy 4 on a seven out you win 1 dollar on a hard 4 you win 6 dollars all point numbers=payday do a vid on this for me pleas give me a shout out lol I call this strategy Monaco'em out craps currently using dice set 1-3 1-3 with twist to right on realease if you find a better set and throw to avoid easy 4 please share ad a 8 dollars to lay bet and 1 dollar on your hard four then place a 4 dollar horn and you litterally win on every roll of dice except an easy 4

  6. I have a pretty decent strategy for betting on other people. After a person establishes a point, I wait 1 more roll (a lot are 1 and done). Then what i do is bet $15 on the 5, $18 on the 6, $18 on the 8 and then only a $5 on the 4,9,10. I never play passline on other rollers which you will see why soon. I then place $10 on the field bet. I take 4 hits and then i'm out. I tried the other strategy while waiting for 3-4 score hits. But a lot of people in their 7 rolls (average roll) will hit only 2-3 score hits, and the others are horn numbers, or the come out roll etc. So this way i am assured a win on every hit and then i'm out. Sometimes I press up, other times I don't. With not betting the passline I don't even have $5 at risk.

  7. thanks bro. new crap player here. you and BT are badass in my book. been watching BT then came across your site. like the grip. learned allot practicing. plan to gut casinos

  8. BTW- I came to you from BT. I don't understand how you can put a left twist at the end of your throw and still have control of the roll. I've studied dice control/influence since January, so I know all there is to know(TIC) and every video tells you in order to control the roll, you should roll the dice on axis. Does your throw still fit this golden rule somehow? The axis numbers are 2-5 and 6-1 and it would appear as if you're attempting to make the dice roll on a different axis(an axis that is perpendicular to the axis we start out with)—one that ends up with a lot of 6's and 8's. Is that what's happening, and why there is no nine in sight?

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