Craps Shoot (Husband -vs- Wife)

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Dice Probability is a mathematical theory in craps based off the 36 total different combinations that can be rolled. In this video, I do rolls to test how closely my random roll of the dice compare to a standard dice probability chart.

The opinions in this video are not guaranteed or warranty to produce any particular result. This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any form of gambling carries an inherent risk. Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Anyone who believes they, or someone they know, may have a gambling addiction, please seek help.
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Craps Shoot (Husband -vs- Wife)

10 thoughts on “Craps Shoot (Husband -vs- Wife)

  1. LOL !!! My wife and your wife may be related. She does a good job of being the comptroller of the chips when we play together, dropping subtle hints here and there when it may be time to cash end or cut and run. HaHa She's a good shooter most of the time also. Click link to watch her in action.

  2. I'll call you Mr El Toro, LOL… I tried your 36 roll dice challenge. I'm Focus on the avoiding 7 more than hitting of the numbers. I use different sets conceive what the outcome would be on each set. The 2/6 – 2/6 set I did have the best results, less 7's. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and you're videos with us.

  3. Nice videos. New to the game but as a bowler craps seemed the closest. Release, technique, pattern, consistent routine, on the fly adjustments. I love you call it a sport

  4. Thanks a lot for all your videos. How many is it possible approximately to make per hour? I want to know, is it good idea to train a lot and spend time on it.

    For example, I know that good card counters in Black Jack make about 1-2% from each stake.

    For example, if you go to play in casino with 500$ in your pocket, how much is it possible to get in 2 hours?

    Also, friend, how many months or years did you train to reach these stable results in dice controlling?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. 20 before 7 780.00 roll.3 6s 5 8s 2 5s 3 4s 2 9s score hits two points three v roll.hard surface just practice only .

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