Craps strategy, interesting variation on the Iron Cross

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For wagermethis merchandise check out Here I use a variation of the Iron Cross to exploit a very common table texture/heat. This only takes 4 rolls, to be a winner.

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Craps strategy, interesting variation on the Iron Cross

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy, interesting variation on the Iron Cross

  1. Hey Amigo, another good example to share. As I’ve stated before, I’m not really a CROSS fan. However, if I did happen to run the Cross I’d definitely want to have the golden parachute (big red) at the end. Killer for PSO’s.
    Thanks for sharing
    Big Kahuna

  2. These hybrid systems seem to be all the rage these days. This one is very clever.

  3. Thanks Jacob Enjoyed this video gives me some ideas on how i can use another strategy with 320 across. I am a fan of getting to house money or off the table in just a few rolls I will have to try this on a table next time i am in Reno or Vegas. Say hi to justice and little wager.

  4. Thanks Jacob, ah yes, the run of dice that will kill a strategy is always out there, no matter the strategy. What we all seek is the holy grail of strategies. Is this one it? Possibly not, but I agree that as far as iron cross strategies go, it is pretty solid. No hop bets available where I play, but could use any 7, or a lay bet instead. I can only imagine the profit if you struck 4 to 5 consecutive shooters with 7 to 10 rolls each! Cheers

  5. I really like this one. Bro! You give me so many good angles to try out. You might wanna try starting a "Craps Academy", lol…

  6. In between main strategy rounds when you want to feel out a shooter and see how their rolls are, you can always go with a very basic $12 or $18 dp bet as a hedge for 1 number and just place the 6 and 8 for 12 or 18 each. Just need 1 hit on either number and you’d be up no matter what happens.
    Even with bad rolls your risk is divided by 3 on a come out roll of 7 or 11. And once you make past the come out roll, if a 7 out comes right after, you only lose $12 or 18. Something that you can make back with very good chance on the next shooter. It also allows you to stay at you spot betting and avoid nasty vibes from the casino just taking up a spot at the table 😌, as well as have a good chance to rack up some change for the next dp line investment. Maybe even just investments for some hop 7 and 11 bets for the larger dp line.

    I’ve seen some of your videos and like the enthusiasm you project for craps and made me more familiar with dark side and hybrid play.

  7. I split the don't with the 9 to lose $30 each, $15 on the field. I take the 9 down after 4 hits. Limits losses to point hits, field offsets 9 hits.

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