How To Crush Online Poker In 2020

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If you are looking to crush online poker in 2020, this video will show you what it takes.

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How To Crush Online Poker In 2020

10 thoughts on “How To Crush Online Poker In 2020

  1. Online poker is dead to ppl in the west trust me. It’s beatable but you really do need to play long hours and study. Then once you figure how to beat your level you then get hit by the 50k hand downswing which tests your sanity. I can understand why ppl in poorer countries play because they can make a living at the micros but if you’re in the west, play live and get into business or work a side income. Much easier than online these days and I’ve been playing 10 years live and online after leaving the Army.

  2. I recently lost my dad to dementia/Alzheimer. I play poker to prevent dementia and challenge my mind. Yes Ive had a love hate relationship towards this game, but ill never get away from it.

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