Craps Strategy – Jovy’s Favorite Strategy to try to win at craps

Craps Strategy Video Information:

Giving Jovy’s strategy a try. Come check it out!

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Craps Strategy – Jovy’s Favorite Strategy to try to win at craps

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Jovy’s Favorite Strategy to try to win at craps

  1. Not bad on the lost margin, considering the big reds, well done on the video and the strategy

  2. You haven't been paying the vig after every 4 and 10 hit. Just a few whites.

  3. Your production values have matured nicely, good job. Nice strategy, thanks Jovy and Rick for sharing it.

  4. Thanks so much for this video! I've learned so much from your channel! Hope to hit Bronco Billy's with you and Jacob!

  5. Thanks, Rick and Josie, for doing an excellent job in play-testing this strategy – it’s very much appreciated! Take care and continue to stay safe and healthy always!

  6. Every time you win a buy bet you need to pay the vig (when the bet is made or the win). If you don’t it becomes a lesser paying place bet. Better to pay the $1 vig and win $50 (net $49) on a buy bet than to win $45 on a place bet. Downside is losing the extra dollar if the vig is paid up front and the 7 shows first.

  7. Base on your strategy what did you use the pass or don’t pass how so? Thanks

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