10 thoughts on “Craps strategy. MAKE $$$300 TO 500$$ PER DAY.For Ryan Vanderhayden

  1. Indeed, I would have taken the $400+ and not worried about making the difference up in change. I mean, at the end of that shooter you've achieved your goal. I played my strategy with a $00 bankroll with your dice rolls. Just like starting out was hurtful for you, those pair of sevens hurt me, too. But I also was able to rebound and at one point was up $298. I was glad that you kept rolling for Ryan's sake to get to $500 so I could also get over the $300 hump, but that last shooter hit the point way too often and killed my darkside strategy, leaving me only $94 up. Hrmmm… dunno whether to blame the shooter or Ryan for keeping me at the table <grin>. Still, it's better than being down. I'll take that $94 and head to the buffet with my family. Next year. When COVID-19 has gone away. And the buffets re-open. <sigh> As always, thanks for the vid!

  2. I would have walked. Every time I get close to my goal and try to get that one more hit it bites me. I learned last year to be happy with a win

  3. Definitely would have bounced after being up over $400 … not only do you NOT want to be greedy & test the dice gods, but you have to set realistic & attainable goals. A 40% return in one session is definitely attainable. I think a good way to look at it is by doing the math to see if your goal and bankroll are aligned. A realistic & attainable goal is a 25% return. So if you want to make $300-$500 a day, then your daily bankroll should be $1,200-$2,000 a day (in my opinion) so you can handle the table swings. If that’s too much, start with a lower goal until you build that bankroll to where you want it to be (so what if it takes you 10-15 sessions of 100-$150 profit days to build your bankroll to where you want it to be as you get a feel for your system). Jacob does an EXCELLENT job of explaining why he’s betting what he’s betting and there’s logic to it and he has a plan. Sometimes he might get trucked, as nothing is guaranteed, but more times than not he makes out nicely. Keep up the good content Jacob.

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