10 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy – My Last Video Gang

  1. CK you are the Lee Trevino of the craps world and if you dont know who Trevino is he is one of the best golfers of all time very unorthodox but he GOT THE JOB DONE AND WON LOTS OF MONEY AND TOURNAMENTS.

    Hey give me a call I would love to talk to you and when will you be back????

    This is my sons account………….Stuart 4342515007

  2. Hey brother your info works for me.. I hope you get back on…would like to talk to you…. I had some good days in Atlantic city.

  3. CK you have many fans that love, miss and wish you all the best. Your videos are therapeutic prayers. Awaiting your return…

  4. Left a comment on a different video, just want you to know how much I appreciate you and miss hearing and seeing your mentoring, I again say friend that I am praying for you and yours, God is the mighty one and able to deliver to the utter most! You said you would be back, I miss you brother.

  5. CK, Ok, just saw the heart u hit someone with, just glad to know your ok young man)

  6. I hope u got comment, it's funny when i flick the dice my pointing fingers also taps the second dice well i release n gives the dice an extra spin on it.

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