Craps Strategy: Rocket Fuel

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Craps Strategy: Rocket Fuel

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy: Rocket Fuel

  1. Like the approach….as we ALL know….we need numbers to make it work !!!!! Love the vids

  2. JUST THINK ….. if you had made the slightest of effort to โ€œ BUYโ€ the 4&10. You could have won an extra $4 and made a $2 hardway net on the 6&8. Then of the Six or Eight came hard…… $18 on whichever number….. thats a very nice thing by just chucking a couple of Bucks to buy.
    Just speculating a hypothesis

  3. When you hit the โ€œ Soft 8 โ€œ at 5:05 you would have lost the $6 hard eight( without losing a $1 of your starting roll) and still had the Hard 6 for six.
    Ill send you every dollar bill i own if you start buying 4/10 at or over $25 !!!

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