10 thoughts on “Baccarat ” LIVE PLAY ” Winning Strategies …5/17/20

  1. Ya BetOnline has the Monte Carlo it’s under the black live casino. I would much rather play there. I withdrew all my accounts and went there.

  2. reason why the black shoe is it has a computer sensor to help the game to go faster a reason to the school board sheet there is no shuffling in there because there's a red card that ends the game and yes it does eliminate card counting

  3. I'm 99.99% sure that is not a continuous shuffling machine, just a electronic reader. You see the cards the entire time, they are not moving around from the time they are placed in the shoe. We see the empty tray when they load it. Nothing to suggest that's even possible . Shuffling the very few cards we can't see would be pointless. Had to comment early when you said that. Back to the video 😏

  4. Monte Carlo never left. 5 dimes just doesn’t offer it anymore. It’s live on BetOnline. I talked to 5dimes and they kept saying it’s down for maintenance. And that’s a lie. Because it’s up on BetOnline. I told them that and they said we are doing maintenance on them. That doesn’t make sense

  5. For payouts do you get direct deposits, checks or bitcoins? If bitcoins how does that work? I don’t know anything about Bitcoin and setting up accounts etc

  6. The main thing the the black electronic shoe does is eliminate and or detect dealer errors.
    The computer knows the outcome of the hand just as the last card is exiting the lip of the shoe. If too many cards get drawn it knows that too. I'm guessing that they also have something set up (that we cannot see) to tell the dealer which side should get a 3rd card (if any). All of the above can also be accomplished with a clear plastic shoe & the card reader and it's computer built into the table like Monte Carlo. In both cases (black shoe or clear shoe) collusion by the dealer can be eliminated. Also any gaming authority would be able to hook into the computer to check things out for irregularities. In both cases the computer would "remember" the order of cards that were dealt for ever if set to do that.

    ShuffleMaster does make shoes that do continuous scuffling but this I-shoe is NOT one of those continuous shuffling shoes. If you re-check the features of the I-shoe you will see that it does not mention Continuous shuffling NOR any shuffling at all. With a continuous shuffling shoe the cards from the last hand get added back into the magazine or intake of the machine. Then as the next hand is being dealt those cards get added back into the decks that are still in the machine and they are all continuously shuffled. With that setup there would be no discard tray like we see on the table. There would also be no end of the shoe since it's continuously ready to deal the next hand. More proof is the fact that we can see about 4 decks worth of cards when it is the start of the shoe. Obviously those 4 decks we see are not being continuously shuffled. The continuous shufflers I have seen have a big round drum up top on the machine. Most Blackjack players dislike continuous shufflers & avoid those tables. Most Bac players would hate it if the casino went to continuous shuffled Bac. They would take their business elsewhere (as would I). I sure hope continuous shuffling never comes to the Bac table.

  7. The more you play, the deeper down the rabbit hole you can go.
    This time I never saw a unit of profit. Straight down the hole. My $5 base got to a $100 bet.
    Being Down $1000 with only about 8 bets left to overcome 20 loses, I didn't like my odds, pulled the plug and stopped.

    Could I have had a Miracle turn around?
    Maybe, but had no reason to be hopeful.

    I've complained about my dislike for this systems rabbit hole tendencies from day 1. So it's ironic, that I would put cash on the line for it. Not sure how I'm going to approach my next bets. Continue from $100, wack the bets, start over or none of the above. Only thing I do know, is I'm glad I wasn't playing with a $25 base (poke poke Chi).

    Just when you think it won't, it will. Be Careful.

  8. chi may i ask you a question if it is not rude? i saw before you had 8k plus before. did you lose it or you withdraw?

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