$200 No-Limit Poker – Low-Stakes Liveplay Session

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No prep, no script, no breaks, no problem!

A big part of winning at poker, especially at lower stakes, is the ability to adjust properly to your opponents.

In today’s video, Uri sits down for some relaxed 3-tabling at $200NL, and lets us peek behind the curtain with a liveplay session as he faces off against some unknown foes. As he plays, he details his thoughts as they come, and shows us first-hand how he adjusts his game to play against fresh opponents at lower-staked games.

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$200 No-Limit Poker – Low-Stakes Liveplay Session

10 thoughts on “$200 No-Limit Poker – Low-Stakes Liveplay Session

  1. Hi Uri, if villains checking ranges are too weak can we not also size up exploitatively? Or are we assuming they leave in some nutted hands as traps.

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