Craps strategy. **sidewinder stick right** bonus vid!

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Tried the sidewinder from stick right a few minutes ago for the hell of it. Instantly impressed with the results. I’m onto something here people. If you want to see the mechanics of the throw I show it at 18:50. Follow the journey!

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Craps strategy. **sidewinder stick right** bonus vid!

7 thoughts on “Craps strategy. **sidewinder stick right** bonus vid!

  1. Hey 3D your SIDEWINDER THROW is looking Damn good. Being a student of the game lam always looking for something new to work with. Thank You for your videos.

  2. Thanks for updating on this toss. I'm really liking it. I always learn tosses with both hands AT SR and SL, so I've been working it from that angle. I'll give this a shot though. As I said keep us updated, you've helped me work out some kinks with this already.

  3. I am definitely liking your sidewinder throw, I’ve been practicing it all day from right, left, and even the end. In my mind I picture throwing the box cutter. I’ve been getting 13 to 18 average 7 out, and once hit 4 points. So thanks for sharing and let us know how it works for u live at casino. I live in AZ and we have no live craps, so I only get to throw live when I go to Vegas or New Mexico.

  4. Conceptually the 'sidewinder' works because it encorporates the antiskinny hardway set with the low downward angle and then a dead cat bounce off the alligator back and the throw doesn't seem that complex to develop the proper muscle memory. Great creation and I look forward placing it in my repertoire at the casino. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i've been throwing your sidewinder from both sides, but on the opposite side i keep my wrist tucked and try throwing the same way on both sides. it works great, keeping my wrist tucked is the key from both sides and even the end.

  6. Hey DD. I've been using the sidewinder a lot in practice. Every set i try works well. This toss is truly something. I'm getting ready for a trip to vegas end of the month and can't wait to try it out there.

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