CRAPS Strategy – Super Grip Trapshot

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CRAPS Strategy – Super Grip Trapshot,
In this CRAPS Strategy dice control video, we are showing the Super Grip Trapshot. This is an Unstoppable shot! VERY High Level of difficulty.
Of course I mean unstoppable if you have self control and can walk away with the PROFITs. A throw for a strong Short Game. We will do another video really breaking this throw down.
There are a couple dice control throws that will come from this throw.
This is one part of how to throw a dead shot.
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CRAPS Strategy – Super Grip Trapshot

7 thoughts on “CRAPS Strategy – Super Grip Trapshot

  1. What’s going on big dog. Can u please do a video breaking down the stacked grip and how to make adjustments to it. Thanks bro

  2. Young man, I aint going away! Where are you at brother, I pray all is well with you, KNOW THIS, you are in my prayers and I miss you videos

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