Craps Killer | How to STACK | 6 Points Fire Bet| Tall | small | All | They HATE THIS

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Craps Killer | How to STACK | 6 Points Fire Bet| Tall | small | All | They HATE THIS, a long and strong roll using the STACK Grip. Using a different variation of this throw. This grip and throw is a Killer !!! Craps how to win using the stack grip, craps, craps stack grip, Craps shooting with confidence, CRAPS killer how to, craps

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Craps Killer | How to STACK | 6 Points Fire  Bet| Tall | small | All | They HATE THIS

10 thoughts on “Craps Killer | How to STACK | 6 Points Fire Bet| Tall | small | All | They HATE THIS

  1. A couple hard tables up here in the u.p. of mi CK. Chip inn island resort and casino $2min $300max. Another hard table hr from that 2-200$ if u ever want to take a trip lmk

  2. There's even a sit down little table that's super hard and small. That's the one I put a killing on lately. U can sit there and the wall is like 2-3 ft away depending where u sit. Very nice casino too.

  3. Hats off to this killed it.! They better bow down on this vid.!!Unreal..your one hell of a thrower bro..i saved this it will be a Hey no dought you got a dangerous arm.. if your ever in North Carolina hit me up love to kick it with you and burn these 2 casinos

  4. Nice throwing D A,I am still having trouble with stack grip,having better luck with strait grip,but still practicing stack grip ,(KEEP THE GOOD TRAINING VIDEOS)

  5. CK great video keep up the good work, always looking forward to your videos DAILY…. My odds saying on the 5&9 is " if it ends in "E" keep it Even. Thanks for all you do brother!

  6. Its amazing how you are progressing and very encouraging to me. Unnatural abilities to most others but very natural for you. What is the recipe? practice, proper form, repetition, focus, tunnel vision, oneness of body and mind, strongness of mind, knowledge of the game, grip, dice set, throw, and confidence. Dude, the complete package, you rock! Ps, you have multitudes watching, lots of people interested, and your 10 percenters. Thanks for your time CK.

  7. 3 v set up side ways thats my go to set up not stacked started practicing stacked like you use hard way for 2 12 3 numbers 3v for rest i trying to hit the all im not as good thowing as bone thower and you i do have kick but days wish you two the best and manny chips

  8. Why do you put your money on box numbers before point and pay yourself aren't you suppose to take that money down

  9. Alls I'm saying is you should have kept the big bets up and pressed them even more.. you wouldn't have enough chips in your house to pay you out the profits yo would have been making each roll.. a roll like this you should have been at or close to table max on all bets making thousands. But i respect this roll bro. Amazing bad

  10. Great throw! True odds on 5&9 pays 3 to 2. so if bet is $25 then $25 / 2 = $12.50 and then $12.50 x 3 = $37.50, but casino would round down to nearest dollar so $37. Love your aggressive style, I was wondering do you only bet like this on yourself, because most ppl only go 6-7 rolls then 7-out?

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