My Honest Review: Boston Harbor’s Encore Poker Room | 2/5 NLH

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Hey guys, today we review Encore’s poker room through the first few weeks after its grand opening – we go over some of the things you MUST know before going! Hands are at the end of the video for those looking to watch hands and skip me rambling!

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My Honest Review: Boston Harbor’s Encore Poker Room | 2/5 NLH

10 thoughts on “My Honest Review: Boston Harbor’s Encore Poker Room | 2/5 NLH

  1. Awesome video man! Yeah TBH I’m on a downswing of $3300 so I may or may not take some time away from the tables to study and/or go down to $1/3 and try and get out of this whole. You’re review was spot on. Only thing is rather then pay anything you just get the floor to give you a free voucher which you scan with your original parking ticket.

  2. ever thought about making a discord server? also do you avoid casino games? i work in a casino. and its my biggest weakness is the days i leave the poker room and decide to hop on a bj or mini bac table

  3. I would add in a review of the dealers. Tbh I wasn’t expecting them to be as good as they are. A lot of transfers from Foxwoods/Mohegan but even the brand new dealers are pretty solid.

  4. Forgot to mention Bad Beat promotion, dealers will be taking an extra dollar outta the rake in the near future. Also massage girls are available at the poker tables. Better luck nexted time young master.

  5. It sounds like parking is a real struggle bus. Can I access the Encore by way of the T?

  6. Nice- You added the villain's stack to your new setup! Haven't been to Encore even though I'm less the 30 minutes south (without traffic). Part of the reason was the parking situation- thanks for the heads up on poker validation

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