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In this video, I go over how I play with a small or low roller bankroll with a more aggressive approach.

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9 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY LOW ROLLER CRAPS – Aggressive style

  1. Played in Biloxi over Christmas used a version of the iron Cross did okay would have done better if I could figure out at what point I should take my bets down to table minimum after pressing

  2. I like to see that someone (Dd) is rolling out a lower bankroll strategy. Not enough of these strategies out these days. Everyone is looking for a big score with money they dont have or shouldn't be gambling with. Great video, Chris!

  3. Always like these type of Strategies. Especially this one for individuals that you don’t know at the Table.

  4. Real good roll out Chris. Solid options to build a bet spread for less outlay. Been using something similar with a Don't cover, saves on Bankroll. Well done

  5. Thanks for the kudo's Chris. As always, we need the early inside hits to make this strategy work. As a new craps player, I look for ways to get in and out of the hand quickly and have a chance to make real $ on long good roll. Thanks for rolling it out.

  6. Nice low bankroll strategy. After 2nd hit, I would probably take the extra $5 plus the $1 in my rack and pick up a hard 4 and hard 10 for $3 each. Just adding a bit more aggressiveness

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