24 To 18 Number Roulette Winning Strategy

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In this video we will show you how to make quick win by beating both 24 and 18 numbers. I mean 4 double street and 3 double street together. The strategy is simple and equally powerfully. Just wait for ball to land two times regularly in any dozen. After that u can start playing the remaining two dozen. After getting any number from these two dozens ( 24 Numbers ) start playing for the remain three double streets ( 18 numbers ) . Don’t multiply your bets if u don’t get in first two spin. Just increase one by one and reduce one by one.
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24 To 18 Number Roulette Winning Strategy

9 thoughts on “24 To 18 Number Roulette Winning Strategy

  1. This does not work many times , some times any 1dozen 6times n 9 times also so be aware don't double it u will washout guys

  2. U can make real money video.. if i like.. this trick didn't work.. please avoid this tipe of chep tricks…

  3. It is you who is SIMPLE you bampot. The mortal enemy of any system is the "losing run" you cannot beat the "losing run" and it is more common than you computer theorists think. I'll give you an example, all my examples are real not theory (cold hard cash) I witnessed all my examples personally either playing on the table or watching.
    The first time i lost my "bank" and i've lost many "banks" since. Some context, back in 1975 you could buy a decent flat for £3000

    I had been introduced to the casino about six months earlier by some Malaysian students( they were studying engineering at university) that i had met in the "bookies" and hung out with them.Their favourite meeting place was the casino and i got the virus of roulette and blackjack.
    One evening in '75 i was having tea in the casino when the guys told me that table two had gone 15 times without the second dozen coming in, i was interested ( i had not had a bad loss up until then) i started playing on the 17th spin, i wanted to win £20 which would pay for the evenings food and drink ( cheaper times) The stakes went like this:£10;£20;£20;£40; £40;£80; £80;£160;
    £160;£320;£400; I had reached the casino maximum bet , £400;£400;£400;£400;£400; (i still have nightmares, no i'm only jesting, i've done worse) i had run out of money and i was in shock, I was told that the second dozen came in two spins later ( 34th spin)
    There is no way to win at roulette consistently,NONE.
    The only way i know to win at roulette is to not to play it or cheat and they will catch you.
    The people who say they have systems that win consistently are either DELUSIONAL or SCAMMERS, do not part with any of your hard earned cash.
    IF you want to play roulette, play with money you can afford to lose and never ,never, never ever chase loses, play small stakes on a few "LUCKY" numbers (0-36) and if you win do a "KENNY" and spend it before you give it back.
    IF i can help anyone with more truthful information please text

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