Craps Strategy – Tear Down the Pyramid- Great strategy to try to win at craps!

Craps Strategy Video Information:

I’m testing Pass and Don’t Pass side by side with this strategy.
Fun Strategy – Give it a try!

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Craps Strategy – Tear Down the Pyramid- Great strategy to try to win at craps!

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Tear Down the Pyramid- Great strategy to try to win at craps!

  1. This strategy looks promising. I love regression systems and I will for sure be trying this one out. Take care Rick!!

  2. Great video Rick. I really enjoyed it. I do believe I’ll put this one in the bag of tricks to take to the tables. Keep the great videos coming

  3. I think the comparison of light/dark is skewed by the fact that there weren't enough points established to normalize the data. In fact, if the light/dark shooters passed the dice, neither would have to pony up on the come out and they'd be even in the end. Considering Big Red is the most common number, I'd play the dark side. If I was posting a bet on the CO, I only have to sweat the 7/11. You were giving the Pass Line an advantage by tossing the All Sevens dice set on the CO. After the point is established, this is where you would benefit by changing your dice set.

    For this strategy throwing the V-3's Hard 6 set (1-6/2-5 axial) after the CO (or even on the CO if you're playing either light/dark) is the best choice in my opinion. In fact, the only diff between this set and the All Sevens you're tossing is that the Hard 6 set takes away a couple 7's and adds a 3/11. Again, the 3/11 is inconsequential if you aren't posting a come out bet on a random roller, or you're able to get past the bad number on the come out if you're the shooter, depending on which side you're playing.

    Thanks for the vid!! Despite the audio, it was another good strategy demo! 🙂

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