Don’t Lay Odds – Casino Craps

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Don’t Lay Odds – Casino Craps is an informational video comparing laying odds on a don’t bet vs not laying odds. In the live craps roll I establish 2 don’t points and then lay maximum odds on this 3x4x5x table. I compare this to another player who only makes flat don’t bets of $10 and does not lay odds.

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Don’t Lay Odds – Casino Craps

10 thoughts on “Don’t Lay Odds – Casino Craps

  1. Love your videos but too many to go through, could you tell me your favorite/best one for a once in a blue moon craps player?

  2. the best idea is later don't pass and then do to place bets so if it if the number hits you don't lose as much you make decent profit

  3. Great channel.

    I would like to add an interesting observation that the popular practice of place betting across (eg $32 across) is actually a lay bet in disguise as it can only win $7 – $9 for $32 in total at risk, a much worse profit expectation than laying odds or even a straight up lay bet for the same amount at risk.

  4. wow. if you could shoot those numbers for me on a real table, i'd make money hitting the inside numbers

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